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tv   Sophie Co  RT  August 12, 2013 12:29am-1:01am EDT

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sent in hungary below eighty percent the european averages know about eighty five percent we are able to finance the public that on the market will have to introduce the reference which make a contract more competitive and that is what we have done in the last couple of years and i think they are the gold basis to to have an independent economic policy next year hungary will host parliamentary elections and some say the hardline stance with the e.u. may be part of a political campaign by the right wing leadership but analysts are not ruling out that should be government be reelected the prime minister may take his stand off with brussels to a completely new level by initiating a referendum on leaving the european union altogether and ski auntie reporting from budapest in hungary. i'll be back in about half an hour's time with more news coming up next i was tough questions and contrasting opinions and into the shadow.
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exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman got killed. years later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results or you get innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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he believes it's. easy. to. choose your language. of choice because with no infidels going to stay still some of the. it's good to consider. the opinions the great. truths the stories but in.
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truth the access to. hello and welcome to sophie and co i'm so create shevardnadze and today i'm having very special guests that needs no introduction larry king larry spent twenty five years with c.n.n. talking to all kinds of people then retired and has come back with his show larry king now which is also available on r t hi larry you know this is one of my first shows because my show premiered this week and you're one of a very for us first guests. i'm honored to be one of the first guess when so excited but it's kind of like you know god given your first communion plus there's
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like whole satellite thing where i can hear is also like god but anyway it's really great that you're with us. thank you so this snowden story right it's all that everyone is talking about it it's sort of turned into a fiction serious the leaks the chase the secrecy i mean many countries involved in it what do you see it's a disturbing disturbing story on the one hand americans pride themselves on privacy. it's almost in our blood we don't like to be eavesdrop we don't like their phones tapped we don't like people knowing other people's business that's part of the heritage and the other hand since nine eleven americans were rightfully so have a right to feel insecure and along comes this gentleman who reveals information that we have been that our phones have been recorded although they say that they only care of the numbers and if the the long of the phone calls take
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a long period of time then they investigate i come down on the side of you know it's a tough balance i come down on the side of the security agency in this case i think with the proper care and as long as the that is warrants eventually and judges look good on this i think we can have a hundred percent privacy but if you add snowden for an interview what would you ask him. well the first thing is obvious why why did you do this what prompted you to do this and then of course as i don't know the answer i would have to listen to his answer and then follow up the way i interview is i don't preplan i don't pre-judge i never prejudge that interview so i make no judgment about him i don't go in like him or not liking him i go in being very curious about what prompted someone to do something like this one of the things that would fascinate me is if
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you're doing it for a moral reasons and you're. it's pure honesty and you wish to see things better wifely. so cape and twenty five years you were with c.n.n. then you're retired now you're back to interviewing with larry king now which is also broke us here on r.t. so why did you come back do you feel like there was something you haven't achieved . good question sophia i i thought i could leave i have two young children a fourteen and thirteen i want to spend more time with them i'd have been in the business for fifty six years that's a long time i broadcast in seven different decades i had a long and wonderful career and i thought i could leave it carlos slim the mexican billionaire invited me down to speak to give scholarships every in mexico city i spoke we got along he came to my house for dinner a i guess that with me on c.n.n. and then he said to me you can't really retire in fact mr putin also told me you
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can't retire other people say how can you leave so carlos slim why no why can't we do something together my wife came up with the idea of why not larry king now so we develop this internet show we think the internet is the future of colors invested in it i'm his minority partner and who distributes us and then we maybe arrangement the licensing arrangements with with your wonderful network and then added a show called politicking which deals with politics every week and of course that's my bread and butter what i miss was the immediacy i i really it really hit me the night that osama bin laden was killed the night he was killed i was sitting at home and i wanted to get out of my seat and run somewhere and broadcast i've been around so many major events in my life that when a major event occurs i want to be in front of a camera want to be asking questions and it really hit me that i truly missed that
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this is very addicting this camera this means of communications here you and i sitting where thousands of miles apart and we're talking to each other and hopefully people are watching and they're interested that's a that's a heady way to make a living finally in any big story is happening is not there's not that big a. you know i like millions is to watch the american life and you know if i was a great show with a lot of your personality in it but having watched larry king now it feels like this is so much more personal it's almost a ticket and made it completely yours. that's a good observation the internet is different the surroundings the different the studio is very much like a home setting it's a half hour's that of an hour there's less immediacy to it and more natural as to it it's not a news show it's. it's a relaxed discussion it's a it's
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a very friendly friendly atmosphere i've touched so many things that i've done every kind of broad case you can do there's nothing i haven't done and i'm enjoying it very much i see that is tomorrow i know they don't call it viewers they call them eyeballs that's the expression on the internet how many eyeballs are watching you but i mean i love soviet i love communicating and the only the only thing this change from that when i first started on radio many many years ago i was a young boy always wanted to be on the radio is my wish of my life to be on the radio when i saw the radio i'm still doing what i did fifty six years ago the only difference is the means of transmission so i started a small little radio station in miami and i ask questions i interview people i'm still doing it now except it's all over the world and still but basically basically what i'm doing is no different than what i did many many years ago who where when why it still comes down to the human aspect do you ever go back to your early
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interviews do i ever go back and watch them or listen to the robot i remember a lot of them i remember a lot of them i remember you know bobby darin the famous singer was my first famous interview but i've been i've interviewed seven presidents world leaders. historic debates presidential debates have been involved in gubernatorial debate seven of you famous personalities i love asking questions it's i was curiosity is a part of me i've never gotten over wondering why people do what they do i know when i was nine years old i got on a bus and i would as the bus driver why do you want to drive a bus. why do you do this i'm still that way if you sit next to me on an airplane i ask questions what why do you do this why are you an accountant and as soon as the us or if it's every day in my life is just part of my d.n.a.
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to watch other interviewers i mean with your experienced can you see something and say oh my god out of never thought of that myself i watch other end of his other thing i don't like that all are going to viewers who talk about themselves. are i never use the word i when i did interviews i. i love my ego at the door and i'm a saying it as a rule and saying you should do that but for my own personal thing i always felt that the guest counted the guess was more important than me because he knew more than i did for i was interviewing a lawyer he knew more about law was interviewing a government official i've never been a government official that having a doctor i don't know more about medicine so i never pretended to know more and i was able to have a healthy ego but i left it at the door and i so i made the basis of what i did the guest counted so i watch other interviews i learn all the time sure but
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you spoke about gas not not all of your guests were like super exciting with great life stories you've had your share of stiff language that's in front of the right where you had people look out on you what do you do to that what do you do what do you do one that happens you know one no sophie it isn't brain surgery. but what you do and what you do will not change the world so it is what it is some guests are more conducive to discussion than others or you can do is all you can do you do the best you can you try to ask good questions or try to listen to the answers you try to follow up some people are better than others but i think if you're a good interviewer eigen count on. i don't think i've had ten people in my life in all those years that i just say boy it was that terrible i think of you is good people like to talk most people like to talk especially about what they do people may not want to talk about their personal life and i understand
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that as a lot of my business and i never made it a courtroom i never subjected them to banging against the wall but i think actors like to talk about acting politicians like to talk about politics politicians like to talk about politics lawyers like to talk about the law doctors i talk about medicine is that's what they do most people like to talk about what they do if you're good at asking questions problems on occur oh i have not had many terrible days in my life not bored what you're seeing now is on our t. and it's something that we're very proud of here at least but you don't think there is bashing from the press because of this partnership did you see that coming well because they had it wrong they thought that i was employed by a foreign government but i'm not employed by the russian government or the italian government or other government so initially when the when the information went out it appeared to some that that was true and we tried to explain that that that's not
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true and how sensitive are you to criticism in general is it something that motivates you. you know. my friend don rickles says what are they going to do to me. i've been or a frank sinatra told me once there's a lot to be said for longevity if you can stay in front of the public guy for a number of years you're doing something right so you know i take it with a grain of salt you know no one likes to be criticized sometimes you're helped by good criticism. but it goes with the territory if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen and now your first appearance on r t was when you moderated the u.s. third party complain debates was it just business for you or is there something personal behind the stance of the nwo is it personal stance parent involvement no i enjoy doing that i think everybody deserves to be heard third party candidates in america don't get heard a lot. because there are two principal parties it's
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a two party system and there's a democratic and republican party and they have been some independent candidates and i've been responsible for people like ross perot and others who've come along and made a dent but basically very little attention is paid because everyone knows that they have no chance of winning so they don't gain a lot of attention so i felt that these people deserved it so when i was asked to moderate the paddle among these candidates these third party candidates who are you know not going to win but have something to say i thought it's important to be heard i totally believe in free speech i hate censorship in all forms i don't like to see people blocked out of things so i thought it was important to do i was very glad to do it all right we're having a short break now and then we'll ask larry wanting to take same and writing in power seems to.
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me like. it's a. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i wrote a researcher. and
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. this is the media lead us so we leave that maybe. by the same motions to the play your party there's a good. news that no one is as good with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics. mark t. . welcome back to the show we're talking to larry king the person who usually asks questions but today he is here to answer some of you back. now you were thought to
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be close to some pretty influential people just being friends with powerful people make you feel powerful. you know everyone i learned a long time ago people put their pants on one leg at a time. it's nice to be around part of your impress with people who are powerful but i still go home much though my children i still take out the garbage the wife still yells at you. if it really is we're all human beings on this planet we all trying to survive we're all trying to make a living. i never thought of myself as powerful i knew i had a voice i knew it i knew i went all over the world but i never why i never walked i don't now i never felt like i had power you know us power the people who own the cameras have power. of the who lose of the world and the artes of the world in the cnn's of though they have power they have the camera are only camera you can take
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me off this camera any time you want and so i never felt like i dominated that i was given the privilege i count broadcasting is a privilege i think it was a great privilege to be a broadcaster i am honored to have had a place that i could be allowed to be present at the creation as they say so no i never went to my head but out of all those powerful people that you've interviewed in fifty six years how many of you would say were truly happy about how many but did you see you know i don't think i don't think i don't think the end of you're ever knows that you know we we have an hour with someone or two hours sometimes we get to be friendly with them. have been as. having as his moments you know the total happiness is. you know you can be have a very happy moment today a happy launch a very happy conversation and then i could read of the death of someone that i
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admired. and then i learned that my baseball team won a game and i'm happy and then i learned that my hockey team lost the game and i'm unhappy so it's all moments and i don't mean i don't make those determinations about people either i don't know if someone has been is happy or not. i think all happiness or moments of happiness but this is a very russian question be hear me out because here we rely a great deal on family friends connections to actually make things happen i don't know maybe perhaps it's a case of historical hangover but you'll know what i mean did you ever use your connections to get things done. of a friend of mine was sick i call of the dark of a government to the emergency room right away. by a core restaurant then i'll get a table quickly on of friend of mine has some connections in new york
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and i'll get tickets to a play. that's that's natural i don't get in front of people online i don't try to but anybody who has any kind of connections if you base of the use of you try to use those connections if someone someone is sick and the doctor is very busy can i get an early appointment yeah of course who wouldn't do that oh it's great to be here larry. but you know there are people with this particular energy that just overwhelm you with some colored power others call it the it factor khorasan whatever but it's when you have to work extra hard to stay cool to be your usual self who is that one person for you who actually gave you shivers you know it could be excitement or fear i don't know. or the first time i interviewed frank sinatra there's i when i was a kid i would go to movie theaters and watch frank sinatra and i admired him
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a great deal as a talent and he never did interviews and jackie gleason the famous jackie gleason was a friend of mine and got him to do my show and for maybe a minute i was intimidated our i was a little in awe and then it got right down to who what where when why the first time i was in the white house well first time i interviewed any world leader be it the. mr putin or or tony blair or or margaret thatcher you're hearing or someone who has attained a great deal of power that go that goes away really goes away very quickly and another thing you always know you know the interviewer is in control you is sophie are in control of this not me you control this moment and once i understood that whether was frank sinatra or vladimir putin or the mailman i control the situation and if you control it there's no reason to be nervous there's no reason to be
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scared there's no reason to be apprehensive because you control the moment you this is your show but if that one minute of intimidation that you fail gendered for you . now i'm not i don't think so. i don't know i when i say intimidated that's a momentary it's just a flash that's. i said a minute it's probably twenty seconds you know you have been to meet someone that you you you've seen on a large screen on a large stage you go into that setting and you have a you know when you when you do it long enough then you get famous so sometimes i'll go into i've gone into people and the first thing they say to me is boy i never thought i'd meet you then they go boy i never thought i meet you so a lot of times. i don't know if it hurts to be the intimidator you know i as an
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interviewer you don't want to be that the guest is so impressed with you that they failed to be forthcoming it goes two ways i read in your is recent interview in this russian magazine you said that you're interested in evil are equally interested in good. yeah and i said was that evil people or as we construe them as evil are always more interesting to interview because we always wonder about people who do things that we construe as bad so it's always more interesting to interview the thief than the cop because the thief is doing something against the norm the top is protecting the norm so you want to interview what is perceived as bad many actors have told me they would much rather play the villain than the hero because he could explore the villain more you can to try to get into that villains head why why would you rob
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a bank you know what motivates you to do that as much more interesting and involved than the bank teller but what about this whole more big fascination factor which basically defines the media nowadays did you have to change things about your work to fit that demand. i know i try to avoid that sometimes you can't i had to do the murder trials i had to do the tabloid stories they're part of the nature of being and never like them i don't like doing divorce stories i don't like. stories of you know the saddest stories to do you know on a child is missing and you're interviewing the parent and while it search parties are are looking for the child let's. see motional in training it's very hard that we have to do them the public has but morbid interest is to have everyone if you driving down the street and there's a car accident you stop you look because you're morbidly interested and so the public is more broadly interested they're more interested in that's the nature of
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the beast that's not maybe my primary interest but you know we have to do sometimes what the public wants i never enjoyed it you say the beginning of the show that the internet is the future or are you in with people who actually think that it will kill if kill off television you know it'll kill off television is silly and i get different and i can't predict anything i don't think anything is predictable people are working on things now that are unbelievable i was at a teleconference in seoul south korea i was the keynote speaker i couldn't believe things they were talking about little things you'll carry in your pocket will turn into a television set you'll go into a room and everything everything will be on your i phone your whole world will be in your i phone. that means of transmission are my children i've never seen them read a newspaper. never seen my children in school i love my newspapers but that's gone
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the good life goes on things change the world changes so i can predict on those that experts tell me that the internet is it that more people are on the internet at any one time in the world and are watching television ten fold more on the internet that's amazing to me because i can't see it you know but odd to me it's still amazing but that's what they told me that and that grows all the time more people are on the internet tomorrow than we're on it today and they'll be more people on it the day after tomorrow and that means less people doing other things meaning less people watching television bear it out there are so many different opinions about there something you are a legend others don't think you're anything special how do you see yourself larry. i did i'm a guy who is lucky enough to do what he always wanted to do i'm
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a communicator i think i'm a good communicator i can tell a good story i like making people laugh i like asking questions. and the public judges here you know i can't judge you i thought you got a few good i think i'm good a very good at what i. try to do the best i can i respect my profession. and so many blood. comes in the goes nothing is forever and we're all going to die . thank you so much for this clarity that said for today guys do you worry when sophie and co and larry king thanks for watching this and staging for next time.
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right on the scene. first street. and i think you're. on our reporters' twitter. instagram.
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to be in the. more news today violence has once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule today.
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a society prince who defected from the royal family slams the gulf war nikifor widespread human rights abuses and a violent crackdown on the opposition and in the exclusive interview with. saudi arabia's oppression of anti regime activists has intensified with the arrest and long jail sentences leaving the number of political prisoners in the country with well over forty thousand. the latest leaks reveal only the likes of russia china and iraq are ahead of america's. on the n.s.a. spying a place.


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